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Welcome To "skytouch society"

skytouch society is a non-profitable, non-political, Charitable non-governmental the services of the Social welfare & human right based national Organization.This Organization established in 2012.This Organization also provides legal Aid and human rights activities, Initially focused on providing free legal services to the disenfranchised in Bangladesh, its aims and activities to encompass investigation, advocacy, media campaigning, documentation, training, education  and action research in addition to its core activities of legal services (including legal aid, mediation and public interest litigation), online news & publications and microfinance is different development activities.


Goal: To establish the rule of law based on the principles of equality, democracy, human rights, justice and gender equity, news and financial development activities.


Strategies: skytouch society seeks to promote and protect  human rights through several group which promote human rights awareness; offer legal aid for mediation, litigation and public interest litigation; investigate and document human rights violations; conduct research into the human rights situation and advocate for law and policy reform to protect human rights criteria; and disseminate information through the media and its own publications. It also offers counselling for victims of human rights. Online news publication is support to peopel.We take the rural poor and the underpeivileged of society to financial development network.


Approach: skytouch society has no political affiliations and takes a non-partisan approach to its activities, which aim to contribute to establishing the rule of law based on principles of democracy, human rights, justice and equality.


Resources: While primarily supported with funds from severa donor organizations.  skytouch society also raises its own funds through training, sale of its publications and services, as well as through replication of its programmes by or through partner non-government organizations and government agencies.


Regional Activities:  skytouch society is an active member of several regional or international human rights forum, in particular the UNESCO Club of Bangladesh and online Member of UN & EC.


International Activities:  skytouch society ready to make special consultative status with the International Organizations.


Legal Status:  skytouch society was registered as a society with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (XXI) on February 2, 2012. Registration No: S-11368. 

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